Server Administration

You’ve got servers, we’ve got experts! You need servers, we’ve got servers!

Our experts have worked with a wide variety of servers, domain controllers, database servers, key licensing servers, application servers, custom-solutions… the list goes on.

Our custom domain controller replaces all functionalities of a traditional Windows server without the prohibitive costs typically associated with server license acquisition or per user costs. We have customized the hardware for this offering, leveraging commodity hardware rather than expensive rack-mount servers, we can ensure lower up front costs, quicker time to resolution, and better availability for replacement parts. Domain level management is performed with standard windows management tools and can be performed in-house or let us do the work with our fully-managed service.

We also provide other server related offerings:

  • Leveraging virtual machines, we are able to fit more functionality into a smaller footprint while maintaining perfect isolation between machines.
  • Our virtualization service is a great way to refresh hardware without the need for rebuilding complex server architectures.
  • Phone / PBX servers, increase the functionality of your phone system by leveraging VOIP
  • Cloud, offsite, and remote servers
  • Regular maintenance, security updates, and emergency repairs
  • Auditing